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Career Summary


Born: Ledston Luck, Kippax, West Yorkshire, U.K., 22 October 1925


Secondary education

Castleford Grammar School 1936-37

Hemsworth Grammar School 1938-43



Downing College, Cambridge, 1943-44 & 1947-50

Geography. B.A. 1949; M.A. 1951



Military service

RAF 1944-47

     Aircrew cadet 1944-46

     Sergeant, Education & Training Corps 1946-47


Government of Gold Coast/Ghana 1951-61

1951-56 Soil Surveyor

1956-61 Head of Soil & Land Use Survey Dept

     1956-58 Senior Soil Scientist

     1958-61 Principal Agricultural Officer


Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) 1961-87

1961-71 Soil Survey Project of Pakistan

     1961-68 Deputy Project Commissioner, East Pakistan

     1968-71 Project Commissioner


1971 Seconded to World Bank, Washington, to work on Land and Water Sector Study, East Pakistan.


1972-74 Zambia: Seconded to Ministry of Rural Development to fill post of Senior Soil Scientist.


1974-87 Bangladesh: Land Use/Agricultural Development Adviser to Ministry of Agriculture

     1979-87 also Project Manager, Bangladesh Agroecological Zones Study



1987-88  Visiting Fellow, Institute for Development Studies, University of Sussex, U.K.


Consultant 1988-95

Inter alia:

1988-89 UNDP-funded Bangladesh Flood Policy Study

1989-95 World Bank-funded Bangladesh Flood Action Plan

1992 Ford Foundation-funded Bangladesh Greenhouse Effects Study


Post-consultant activities

1995-present: writing books and journal articles: see List of Publications

Study participant, Geography Department, Cambridge University:

     2005-08 Global study of arsenic in groundwater (with P. Ravenscroft & K. Richards)

     2007-09 Meghna estuary study and analysis of Bangladesh climate data (with graduate research students)

     2007-present: Bengal Maps Study (with P. Saunders and Keith Richards)

2009-12: funding arsenic studies at Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh



1978      Bangladesh President's Gold Medal for services to Bangladesh Agriculture

1981      B.R. Sen Award, FAO

1986      FAO Long Service Medal

1987      Order of the British Empire (O.B.E.)

2006      Busk medal for scientific research and discovery, Royal Geographical Society

2012      Award of Merit, Tropical Agricultural Association


Herbert (Hugh) Brammer 

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