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This is a web-site. It is not a blog. It is intended to put on the record details of my career and publications. The reminiscences are more anecdotal than strictly biographical, aiming to entertain as well as to inform.  I will up-date the site periodically, for as long as is necessary.

Recent news

Updated 23 September 2020

1.  Having given up my flat in Cambridge in January, I now live full-time in Hove.    I  am not travelling so as to reduce the risk of catching CV19.

2. I have written two papers for the International Journal of Environmental Studies:

Problems with analysing meteorologiccal data for assessing climate change; examples from Bangladesh (in press).

Soil-environmental relationships on the Brahmaputra and Ganges floodplains in Bangladesh (under review).

3.  Two papers were published this year in Agriculture4Development, the journal of the Tropical Agricultural Association:

Agtricultural Hazard Management in Bangladesh (in Issue 39).

BRAC's Innovative Contributions to Agricultural Development in Bangladesh and elsewhere (with Dr Mushtaque Chowdhury) (in Issue 40).

4.  I have been reviewing sections of a draft report on the South-west region of Bangladesh including the Sunderbans.

5.  I regularly comment to authors of papers on Bangladesh when I see information that I consider incorrect.

Originally drafted December 2014.

Updated 5 July 2018, 22 November 2019 and 2 March 2020

Hugh Brammer 

Hugh Brammer passed away 13 January 2021.

His Remembrance site shows memories and condolences of friends and family.

This website,, has been maintained in his memory. 

It includes his Reminiscences - seven chapters on stages in his life; reference lists of his books, book chapters, published papers, reports; a CV and career summary. 

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