This is a web-site. It is not a blog. It is intended to put on the record details of my career and publications. The reminiscences are more anecdotal than strictly biographical, aiming to entertain as well as to inform.  I will up-date the site periodically, for as long as is necessary.

I just erased my career, publications and reminiscences boxes!  It will take time to restore rhem.

Recent news

Updated 2 March 2020

1.  I've continued to be hyperactive literately this year., mainly responding to misinformed articles published on Bangladesh.

2. The BRAC book was published in December 2019.

M. Choudhury, M. Husain, Md Saleque and H. Brammer 2019 From the ground up: BRAC's innovations in the development of agriculture in Bangladesh and beyond.  University Press Ltd,  Dhaka.

3. The book 'Lessons in Geography' (written in 2018) being published as an e-book by UPL has not yet appeared, nor has the Bengali translation of my Book 10 yet been published (also as an e-book by UPL).

4.  Early in 2019, I drafted four articles on the geography of BGD to appear in successive issues of the Oriental Geographer, the geographical journal published in BGD,.  The first article has yet to appear.

5. I later drafted a chapter on the soils of BGD's char areas (temporary riverine and estuarine alluvial islands) to appear in a forthcoming book on those chars, and drafted two pieces for Agriculture for Development, the journal of the Tropical Agriculture Association, all still to appear.

6.  I gave up my flat in Cambridge on 13 January, donating it to Downing College, Cambridge, the sale of which will be used to set up a Research Fellowship in Geography in the college.

Hugh Brammer 

Originally drafted December 2014.

Updated 5 July 2018, 22 November 2019 and 2 March 2020